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Learning About MITASCO: Our History

MITASCO was established in 2006 by three international trading professionals specializing (at the time) in granite and marble trading.  Between these three trading pros, there are close to 100 years of experience in trading raw materials throughout the world.

Our corporate headquarters are in the United States under the direction of Senior Partner Archie L. McElroy.  We also have satellite offices in India and China.  From these strategic global locations, we make the connection between corporate buyers and traders of various raw materials (particularly marble and granite) in locations from around the world and the suppliers of those materials.


MITASCO manages every phase involved in the sourcing and trading of metals, metal ores and concentrates for its industrial consumers. Our sound credit facilities give access to purchase significant volumes of product in a timely manner.

MITASCO enjoys key relationships with leading producers of raw materials throughout the world.  Hence, we are capable of effecting large shipments on short notice.  Blessed with professionals with decades of raw materials trading, dealing with MITASCO ensures the highest quality of raw materials in the business!

MITASCO provides complete logistics capabilities during every phase of cargo transportation. Our logistics specialists also provide on-site support.  This includes supervising the loading and unloading of cargo at a port, terminal, or rail siding. We closely monitor international market developments to anticipate freight cost cycles and other trends in global supply chain management.  We also keep current on developments in environmental regulations, and the customs and security procedures of each country in which suppliers and buyers reside.

  • Whether by sea-going bulk carriers, barges, rail-cars, or trucks, MITASCO ships ore, metals, minerals and concentrates from anywhere in the world.
  • Our strategic positions in spot purchases and ongoing contracts of ores, metals and minerals give us an unrivaled global position not enjoyed among publicly held companies.
  • MITASCO buys raw materials at the most competitive prices available anywhere in the world.
  • All our offers are genuine and our service is of the highest world standard.

We waste no time and come directly to you. At any given time, our team of experts are on duty throughout the world. We are readily accessible to visit your site and get to work within days, if not hours.

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