1. Grade:
a. Robusta Cherry AB
b. Robusta
Parchment AB
c. Arabica Cherry AB
d. Arabica Parchment (
Plantation) A
e. Arabica Parchment (
Plantation) B

2. Quality: as per Indian Coffee Board (ICB) standards all current crops

3. Packaging: Bags of 60 kilos each  – FCLs (TEUs) 18 MT

4. Shipment: Prompt

5. Load-port: at seller’s option

6. Price: Best offer in either USD per MT outright OR on Price
To Be Fixed (PTBF) on applicable London and NY Terminals with market

7. Price basis: Incoterms FOB Load port

8. Offer validity: All offers FIRM and VALID for buyer’s acceptance
for 24 hours

9. Payment terms: Net cash against documents on first presentation NCAD1

10. Governing law: European Contract for Coffee ECC 2007 edition and / or
Green Coffee Association Contract GCA 2010 edition as applicable